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Management Consultant

Former olympic medallist & professional handball player, Carlos is a High Performance Sports Coach and an active member of the European Handball Federation, where he trains athletes in personal & social development as well as in management and financial skills.

Themoove German Ambassador & Trainer

Xavi miniature2


Financial Advisor

As an independent financial advisor, Xavi has an outstanding tracking record assisting both entrepreneurs and professional athletes in their legal and financial endeavours. He is well versed in the ins and outs of the sports and business world, is known for his down to earth approach and his high standards and personal values.

Themoove Financial Expert & Trainer



Sports Media Expert

Renown Spanish television journalist and sports commentator, Diego has directed and edited many TV programs. In addition to that he facilitates media training to professionals so that they can master the art of speaking on camera and communicating professionally to the news media.

Themoove Sports Media Trainer

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