Our most personalized program for the elite athlete that needs or prefers a private approach. If that´s you, we are happy to be your partner in crime during this challenging phase of your life.

Our plan

immersion in these 3 key areas


The mind

Loss of identity after retirement

The Retirement Phase Model

Self-concept & self-esteem

Emotional coping strategies

Mental & physical wellbeing

Social support network


The money

Personal finances

Financial responsability & planning

Key financial concepts

Financial risks


Types of Investments


The job

Transversal skills & competences 

The power of networking

Personal branding 

Entrepreneurship vs employment

Labour market trends

Educational paths

3 phase approach to success

Total focus on you


We start by the beginning: identifying the phsycological, emotional, financial and educational variables that might have an impact on the retirement phase of our participants. And we make it personal! An evaluation fo the current situation of each person sets the foundation for the next mooves…


The fun continues! During this phase we will provide our participants with the needed knowledge, resources and tools to proactively and efficiently manage their finances, mental and physical wellbeing, social environment and professional or educational development needs. Practical, to the point and relevant. No fairy tales here, just what really matters.


This is when all comes together. The theory turns into practice, and through mentoring, coaching and guidance we will support on a personal basis each athlete in the discovery process of their future Professional Projects. With a clearly structured, defined and exciting roadmap a bright future is just around the corner. Compromise is the KEY to success. 

Our team is ready to partner with you

What can you expect from us?

Expert training + Guidance + Mentoring + Support + Coaching + Confidenciality + Flexibility


We bring Themoove One to you.


Flexible dates to suit your schedules.


Adapted to your sport & moment.


Laser focus. Intensive. No nonsense.


A clear roadmap towards the future.