A good mentality, a good behavioral pattern and good emotional management are fundamental pillars for the proper functioning of the athlete, whether he is in the middle of a sports career, where he has to perform, or in the withdrawal phase, where he must have clarity and courage to reinvent yourself.

As we know, from our own experience, of the mental demands that professional sports entail, we have created the Psychological Support Service, led by a proven professional, former elite athlete, with more than 10 years advising athletes, coaches and federative bodies in topics related to athletic performance, mental health, and the transition to retirement.

How does the Service work? Very easy. Contact our professional. You explain your situation and if there is a good understanding, you get to work. It’s that simple, that confidential. If you are active and want to perform even better or if you are planning a retirement or in the process and you want guidance and support, this is your place.

If you want more information about the Service and its operation, you want to meet our Sports Psychologist or you want to hire the Service, write to us at: [email protected]